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Jul 8, 2021
Magellan Rx Management and Heuro Health Collaborate to Offer Live Behavioral Health Support and Wellness Coaching

Member engagement metrics are three to four times higher than industry standards

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 8, 2021-- Magellan Rx Management, a division of Magellan Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGLN), and Heuro, LLC, today announced that they are collaborating to provide live behavioral health support and wellness coaching through the Heuro Health app, offering members and providers a more effective, efficient, and engaging communication platform.

Heuro Health is a progressive new app that bridges the gap between patient and provider—motivating its members to centralize their own health, medical and lifestyle information in one secure and user-friendly place. Heuro combines telehealth services, proprietary analytics and an innovative UI/UX design to help lower healthcare costs by encouraging wellness-focused behaviors. The Heuro solution securely aggregates personal health records, insurance plan information, care providers, prescriptions and wellness management into an easy-to-use consumer application.

“At Magellan Rx, we understand the importance of early intervention and meeting people where they are on their healthcare journey,” said Caroline Carney, M.D., chief medical officer of Magellan Health and Magellan Rx Management. “The collaboration with Heuro offers a unique communication tool that connects people with our health coaches who can support members through something simple like appointment reminders and more complex needs like addressing social determinants of health and how they affect that individual’s well-being. These interventions can lead to possible prevention of chronic illness and help to control costs.”

Through the collaboration, healthcare coaches from the MRx Navigate program utilize Heuro’s multiple HIPAA compliant and interconnected platforms, such as the HeuroWellness, to provide expertise and support to members. Coaches work in conjunction with HeuroMD (doctor-facing platform) and video conferencing to share information directly with the member, through the Heuro app (member-facing platform), to deliver seamless protocols, exchange of information, and most importantly, to support the members in meeting their health goals.

"We are proud to be partners with a leading healthcare provider that shares our vision and dedication to building a full-spectrum team and technology supporting and centered around the member,” said Jesse Kessler, founder and chief executive officer, Heuro Health. “We are excited to continue collaboration with Magellan and their healthcare providers to further our shared goal of getting people healthier."

As a result of the program, and supports like online scheduling of wellness visits, member engagement records have been higher than industry standards.

“Our health coaches consistently engage members and provide a valuable service by guiding them to the appropriate care and support they need to live a more healthy, vibrant life,” said Astha Chopra, vice president clinical effectiveness and outcomes, Magellan Rx Management.

"I can attest to the importance of being able to communicate medical treatment and other relevant health information between members, their health coaches, physicians, behavioral health specialists, and other healthcare providers,” said Dr. Shri Noel, clinical director, Heuro Health. “Physicians are currently challenged with expectations of providing quality care and reaching quality metrics, without the proper tools to enable that care. As part of the Heuro executive team, I am enthused to be able to offer doctors and their patients this solution.”

About Heuro Health: Heuro, LLC is a digital health company that aims to lower healthcare costs and improve member outcomes. Through enhanced engagement, Heuro provides employers and health plans with the tools to improve wellbeing, including intuitive in-app access to telehealth visits. The Heuro solution securely aggregates its members’ health and lifestyle information, including health records, insurance plan information, care providers, prescriptions and wellness management tools into an easy-to-use consumer application. By providing in-app resources that enable its members to find the most appropriate course of care, Heuro delivers a proactive approach to health and wellness at significantly reduced costs.

About Magellan Rx Management: Magellan Rx Management, a division of Magellan Health, Inc., is shaping the future of pharmacy. As a next-generation pharmacy organization, we deliver meaningful solutions to the people we serve. As pioneers in specialty drug management, industry leaders in Medicaid pharmacy programs and disruptors in pharmacy benefit management, we partner with our customers and members to deliver a best-in-class healthcare experience.

About Magellan Health: Magellan Health, Inc., is a leader in managing the fastest growing, most complex areas of health, including special populations, complete pharmacy benefits and other specialty areas of healthcare. Magellan supports innovative ways of accessing better health through technology, while remaining focused on the critical personal relationships that are necessary to achieve a healthy, vibrant life. Magellan's customers include health plans and other managed care organizations, employers, labor unions, various military and governmental agencies and third-party administrators. For more information, visit


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