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Ethics Documents

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Codes of Ethics

The company has adopted a Code of Ethics for Directors, covering directors only, and a Code of Ethics for Covered Officers, covering senior executives and individuals reporting directly to the chief executive officer and finance department employees at a vice president level or above. In addition, the company has adopted a Corporate Compliance Handbook covering all employees. The codes and the handbook provide a framework for a comprehensive ethics and compliance process designed to ensure that we conduct our business in a legal and ethical manner. All covered persons are expected to understand and comply with the policies and obligations described in the codes and the handbook.

The directors’ code deals with conflicts of interest, corporate opportunities, confidentiality, fair dealing, protection and proper use of company assets, compliance with laws, insider trading and personal loans to executive officers and directors. The covered officers code of ethics deals with good faith and fair dealing in all negotiations and transactions, actual and apparent conflicts of interest, responsible use and protection of company assets, disclosures filed with the SEC or otherwise communicated to the public, compliance with laws, prompt reporting of violations of the code of ethics and other applicable policies, and accountability with respect to compliance with the code of ethics.

The handbook, among other things, contains a whistleblower policy that sets forth steps an employee should take if he or she has a question about a legal or ethical issue related to his or her job or the company, and prohibits retribution against any person raising an issue.

The company will provide to any person without charge, upon request, copies of its Code of Ethics for Directors, Code of Ethics for Covered Officers and Corporate Compliance Handbook for all employees. Any such request should be made in writing to the Investor Relations Department, Magellan Health, Inc., 55 Nod Road, Avon, CT 06001. The company intends to disclose any future amendments to the provisions of the codes of ethics and handbook and waivers from such codes of ethics and handbook, if any, made with respect to any of its directors and executive officers on its Internet site.